Sunday, March 15, 2009

Other Family Surnames

Between William Hill’s large family and the families of his four brothers, there are numerous other surnames associated with our Orange County family history. Below are some of the other surnames that may be included in future blog entries along with news clippings, biographies, obituaries and photos that I have found or received from other family members. More surnames will be added as generations of ancestors and descendants are found.

William Hill – McClintock, Rankin, Spielman, Wolf, Hathaway, Hack, Stanley, Shearer, Craddock, Von Schmidt, Aldrich, Carlson, Pierangel, McLeod, Harmon, Glines, Helms, Clark, Schilling and Romack

Samuel Hill – Sydnam, June, Underwood, Teets, Chaffee, Force and Musser

Oliver Hill – Smalley

Thomas Hill – Tait and Mathewson

Joseph Hill

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